Wine Racks

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We pride ourselves on providing an extensive assortment of products to serve all aspects of the culinary industry, including kitchen equipment. We offer a large selection of shelving accessories at many different sizes and dimensions. Browse our selection below.

True 871713
Wine Rack for GDM-23-LD & GDM-45-LD
True 879202
Wine Rack for GDM-47-LD, GDM-49-LD & TSD-47-LD
True 871714
Wine Rack for GDM-69-LD, GDM-72-LD, T-72, TSD-69, TBB-2, TBB-3 & TBB-4
True 909330
Sliding Wine Rack (Left Hinged Door Models) for GDM-23-LD & GDM-23W-LD
True 882412
Sliding Wine Rack (Right Hinged Door Models) for GDM-23-LD, GDM-23W-LD, GDM-23RF-LD & GDM-23W-RF-LD

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