Southbend 1174709


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Equipment models this part works with.
NOTE: Some models may not be listed.
360AA-2RR 360AD-2RR
360DD-2RR 4241C
4241E 424E
4361A 4361A-1G
4361A-2C 4361A-2G-T
4361C 4361C-1G
4361C-2C 4361C-2G-T
4361D 4361D-1G
4361D-2C 4361D-2G-T
4361R 4362A
4362A-2C 4362C
4362C-2C 4362D
4362D-2C 4362R
4363A 4363C
4363D 4363R
4364A 4364C
4364D 4364R
4365A 4365C
4365D 4365R
4366A 4366C
4366D 4366R
4367A 4367C
4367D 4367R
436A 436A-1GL
436A-2GL 436A-2GR
436A-2TL 436A-2TR
436A-3C 436A-3G
436A-3G-T 436A-3T
436C-3C 436C-3G-T
436D 436D-1GL
436D-2GL 436D-2GR
436D-2TL 436D-2TR
436D-3C 436D-3G
436D-3G-T 436D-3T
4481AC 4481AC-2C
4481AC-2G-T 4481AC-3G-T
4481DC 4481DC-2C
4481DC-2G-T 4481DC-3G-T
4481EE 4481EE-2C
4481EE-2G-T 4481EE-3G-T
4482AC-3C 4482DC-3C
4482EE-3C 448AC-4G-T
448DC-4G-T 448EE
448EE-2GL 448EE-2GR
448EE-2TL 448EE-2TR
448EE-3GL 448EE-3GR
448EE-3TL 448EE-3TR
448EE-4G-T 448EE-4G/T
448EE-HH 4601AA
4601AA-2C 4601AA-2G-T
4601AA-2RR 4601AA-3G-T
4601AA-4G-T 4601AA-5L
4601AA-6L 4601AA-7L
4601AC 4601AC-2C
4601AC-2G-T 4601AC-2RR
4601AC-3G-T 4601AC-4G-T
4601AC-5L 4601AC-6L
4601AC-7L 4601AD
4601AD-2C 4601AD-2G-T
4601AD-2RR 4601AD-3G-T
4601AD-4G-T 4601AD-5L
4601AD-6L 4601AD-7L
4601CC 4601CC-2C
4601CC-2G-T 4601CC-2RR
4601CC-3G-T 4601CC-4G-T
4601CC-5L 4601CC-6L
4601CC-7L 4601DC
4601DC-2C 4601DC-2G-T
4601DC-2RR 4601DC-3G-T
4601DC-4G-T 4601DC-5L
4601DC-6L 4601DC-7L
4601DD 4601DD-2C
4601DD-2G-T 4601DD-2RR
4601DD-3G-T 4601DD-4G-T
4601DD-5L 4601DD-6L
4601DD-7L 4602AA-2C
4602AC-2C 4602AD-2C
4602CC-2C 4602DC-2C
4602DD-2C 4605AA-2C
4605AC-2C 4605AD-2C
4605CC-2C 4605DC-2C
4605DD-2C 4606AA-2C
4606AA-2G-T 4606AC-2C
4606AC-2G-T 4606AD-2C
4606AD-2G-T 4606CC-2C
4606CC-2G-T 4606DC-2C
4606DC-2G-T 4606DD-2C
4606DD-2G-T 4607AA-2C
4607AA-2G-T 4607AC-2C
4607AC-2G-T 4607AD-2C
4607AD-2G-T 4607CC-2C
4607CC-2G-T 4607DC-2C
4607DC-2G-T 4607DD-2C
4607DD-2G-T 460AA
460AA-2GL 460AA-2GR
460AA-2RR 460AA-2TL
460AA-2TR 460AA-3GL
460AA-3GR 460AA-3TL
460AA-3TR 460AA-4GL
460AA-4GR 460AA-4TL
460AA-4TR 460AD
460AD-2GL 460AD-2GR
460AD-2TL 460AD-2TR
460AD-3GL 460AD-3GR
460AD-3TL 460AD-3TR
460AD-4GL 460AD-4GR
460AD-4TL 460AD-4TR
460DD 460DD-2GL
460DD-2GR 460DD-2TL
460DD-2TR 460DD-3GL
460DD-3GR 460DD-3TL
460DD-4GL 460DD-4GR
460DD-4TL 460DD-4TR
H4361A H4361A-1G
H4361A-2G-T H4361D
H4361D-1G H4361D-2G-T
H4362A H4362D
H4363A H4363D
H4364A H4364D
H4365A H4365D
H4366A H4366D
H4367A H4367D
H436A-3G-T H436D-3G-T
S24C S24E
S36A S36A-1G
S36A-2G-T S36A-3G-T
S36C S36C-1G
S36C-2G-T S36C-3G-T
S36D S36D-1G
S36D-2G-T S36D-3G-T
S48AC S48AC-2G-T
S48AC-3G-T S48AC-4G-T
S48DC S48DC-2G-T
S48DC-3G-T S48DC-4G-T
S48EE S48EE-2G-T
S48EE-3G-T S48EE-4G-T
S60AA S60AA-2G-T
S60AA-2RR S60AA-3G-T
S60AC S60AC-2G-T
S60AC-2RR S60AC-3G-T
S60AC-4G-T S60AD
S60AD-2G-T S60AD-2RR
S60AD-3G-T S60AD-4G-T
S60CC S60CC-2G-T
S60CC-2RR S60CC-3G-T
S60CC-4G-T S60DC
S60DC-2G-T S60DC-2RR
S60DC-3G-T S60DC-4G-T
S60DD S60DD-2G-T
S60DD-2RR S60DD-3G-T
Weight 1.3 Pounds
southbend 1174709

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