Scotsman 11-0539-51


Price: $76.00

No Sales Tax (except KY)

OEM Numbers

11-0539-51, 11-0539-21, 02-3706-01, 02-3707-21


Equipment models this part works with.
NOTE: Some models may not be listed.
CME1056 CME1056R
CME1356 CME1356R
CME1386 CME1656
CME1656R CME1686
CME1856W CME2006R
CME256 CME306
CME456 CME456R
CME506 CME506 A-D
CME506 E-F CME506E
CME656 CME656R
CME686 CME806
CME806R CME810
CP2086 SCE275
scotsman 11-0539-51

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Sump Level Sensor

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