Scotsman boasts: "Scotsman is the world's leading ice machine manufacturer for one basic reason. We understand, better than any other company, the critical importance of ice to any number of businesses."

And they not only have an award winning personality to boast, they have the product line to back them up. Being in the ice-making business since the 50's, Scotsman has designed machines that will release anywhere between 1 cube per serving to 10 tons of cubes a day. They have equipment that produces the following types of ice:

  • cube
  • flake
  • superflake
  • scale
  • nugget
  • gourmet

Scotsman designs equipment around several factors:

  • Efficiency
    • Energy costs and water usage, Scotsman has put it all into consideration.
  • Quality
    • First ice machine company to receive ISO9001:2000 certification; Shingo Award finalist; and other recognitions.
  • Food Safety
    • Patented systems built in to the products to keep the equipment and ice clean and healthy.
  • Performance
    • Technology to keep the equipment easy to use and reliable.
  • Choices
    • Options for the customer, letting the customer choose what they need.
  • Service
    • Customer Service and Product Manuals.
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