Manitowoc Ice 2412939

Fan Motor 220V/50/60HZ

Price: $245.00

No Sales Tax (except KY)


Equipment models this part works with.
NOTE: Some models may not be listed.
BD0422A BD0423W
BD0452A BD0453W
BD0492N BD0602A
BD0603W BD0692N
BR0420A BR0421W
BR0450A BR0451W
BR0490N BR0600A
BY0424A BY0425W
BY0604A ID0452A
ID0502A ID0602A
ID0606A IR0520A
IY-0524A IY-1004A
IY0454A IY0504A
IY0524A IY0604A
IY0606A IYP0504A
JD0422A JD0452A
JD0602A JR0420A
JR0450A JR0600A
JY0424A JY0454A
JY0604A QC0708A
QD0422A QD0422AP
QD0452A QD0452AP
QD0602A QD0602AP
QF0806A QR0420A
QR0420AP QR0450AP
QR0600AP QY0424A
QY0424AP QY0454A
QY0454AP QY0604AP
QY0605W RFC0985
SD0422A SD0422AP
SD0452A SD0452AP
SD0502A SD0502AP
SD0602A SD0602AP
SF0906A SN0958A
SR0420A SR0420AP
SR0421WP SR0450A
SR0450AP SR0500A
SR0500AP SR870C
SY0424A SY0454A
SY0454AP SY0504A
SY0504AP SY0604A
SY0604AP iD0602AP
Weight 4.57 Pounds
manitowoc ice 2412939

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Fan Motor 220V/50/60HZ

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