Manitowoc Ice 2412813

Fan Motor 115V 60 HZ

Price: $125.00

No Sales Tax (except KY)


Equipment models this part works with.
NOTE: Some models may not be listed.
BD0252A BD0253W
BD0322A BD0323W
BR0250A BR0251W
BR0320A BY0254A
BY0255W BY0454A
BY0455W I45
ID0302A IY0304A
JD0252A JD0253W
JD0322A JR0250A
JR0251W JR0320A
JY0254A JY0255W
JY0324A QD0282A
QD0282AP QD0322A
QD0322AP QD0372A
QD0372AP QR0280A
QR0280AP QR0320A
QR0320AP QY0284A
QY0284AP QY0324A
QY0324AP QY0374A
QY0374AP SD0302A
SD0302AP SD0322A
SD0322AP SR0300A
SR0300AP SR0320A
SR0320AP SY0304A
SY0304AP SY0305WP
SY0324A SY0324AP
Weight 2.65 Pounds
manitowoc ice 2412813

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Fan Motor 115V 60 HZ

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