Lolo LKT-45E

45" 24,400 Watt Electric Steam Jacket Kettle, Free Standing, 45 Gallon, Tilting

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OEM Numbers

LKT-45E, 156652


Capacity 45 Gallons
Exterior Stainless steel
Phase Options: Single Phase or Three Phase
Power Electric
Volts Options: 208 or 240
Warranty 1 year limited parts and labor
Weight 675 Pounds

Spec Documents

Spec Sheet (PDF)
lolo lkt-45e

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Model Specifics:

If a stockpot can cook it, a LoLo Steam-Jacketed Electric Kettle can cook more of it, more efficiently and faster! Prepare soups, delicate sauces and dessert fillings, gravies, pasta, vegetables, fish, poultry, ground meat dishes and stew, even candy! You name it! A LoLo Kettle is an economical workhorse and a true mainstay in the commercial kitchen.

  • Low price: Affordable; best value for the money
  • Local inventory: Immediate availability; stocked locally
  • Authorized service agents: Factory-trained; nationwide
  • Factory tech support: Peace of mind with easy-call 800#
  • Steam-jacketed design: Energy efficient – faster heat up & cook times than stockpots & flat-bottom pans with uniform heat transfer through kettle bottom & sides
  • Air insulated, double-wall upper cylinder: Decreases heat loss & helps keeps kitchen cooler; safer – minimizes contact burns
  • True hemispheric bottom: Strong; helps uniform heating
  • Even cooking: No burning or scorching means a reduction in product waste & clean-up time
  • Versatile cooking: Slow simmer, boil, reduce, reheat & hold
  • Stainless steel construction: Longevity & easy cleaning
  • Controls: Simple to operate; water resistant to resist spills
  • Rigid, seamless flat-top rim: Sanitary; stands up to hard use
  • Self-contained, electric-heated steam system: Heats quickly; energy efficient
  • 2" tangent draw-off or tilting body: Facilitates safe, easyproduct transfer
  • Right- & left-handle mounting tabs: Offer convenience on countertop tilting model
  • Rim-mounted lip: Flared lip on tilting models for pouring control
  • Capacity: 8-gallon countertop & 45-gallon floor models meet footprint & volume requirements; 45-gallon models provide 12% more capacity than 40-gallon competitive models
  • Ships for dual voltage: Easy installation
  • Parts availability: Stocked locally
  • Made in U.S.A: Quality manufacture
  • Warranty coverage: Up to one-year parts & labor, for free
  • Gas kettles available: 45-gallon gas floor models are available to meet user requirements

Typical Market Applications:

  • Soup, salad & other chains
  • Full service restaurants
  • Hotels, caterers & banquet kitchens
  • Ethnic restaurants & oyster bars
  • Food court locations & kiosks
  • Retail – groceries, delis & farmers markets
  • B & I
  • All institutional operators – schools, healthcare
  • Non-profits – churches, relief agencies, co-ops
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