About Jackson:

Jackson WWS, Inc. is a full-line supplier of high-quality commercial dishmachines including flgihts, conveyors, door-types, glasswashers, and undercounters. Founded in 1925, Jackson stands by their "Clean the First Time" commitments with dishmachines that deliver optimal cleaning performance while reducing labor, chemical and utility costs. With more standard features, lower operating and acquistion costs and our network of factory-certified, Jackson sets the standard for warewashing.

Complitmentary Performance and Installation Check:

From the very beginning, Jackson is there to ensure your equipment is working to its full potential. At the time of installation, our Jackson Authorized Service Agent (ASA) will run the machine to verify that all electrical, water, and drain hookups are correct, the machine turns on and off, there are no leaks, and the pumps are rotating in the proper direction. If the installation is performed by anyone other than a Jackson ASA, we recommend that the customer contact Jackson Technical Service to schedule our Performance and Installation Check. After the installation is powered and plumbed, this complimentary Jackson service verifies the installation; checks and adjusts temps, cycle times, and parts; and evaluates all the operation/performance capabilites of the unit.

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