Hoshizaki 214243-01

Cube Guide for Ice Machine

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Equipment models this part works with.
NOTE: Some models may not be listed.
KM-1200SAE KM-1200SRE
KM-1200SWE KM-1300NRF
KM-1300SAF KM-1300SAF3
KM-1300SAH KM-1300SAH3
KM-1300SRF KM-1300SRF1
KM-1300SRF3 KM-1300SRH
KM-1300SRH3 KM-1300SWF
KM-1300SWF3 KM-1300SWH
KM-1300SWH3 KM-1301SAH
KM-1301SAH-E KM-1301SAH3
KM-1301SRH KM-1301SRH-E
KM-1301SRH3 KM-1301SWH
KM-1301SWH-E KM-1301SWH3
KM-1400SWH-M KM-1400SWH3-M
KM-1600SRE KM-1600SRE3
KM-1600SRF KM-1600SRF1
KM-1600SRF3 KM-1600SRH
KM-1600SRH3 KM-1600SWE
KM-1600SWE3 KM-1600SWF
KM-1600SWF3 KM-1600SWH
KM-1600SWH3 KM-1601SAH
KM-1601SAH3 KM-1601SRH
KM-1601SRH3 KM-1601SWH
KM-1601SWH3 KM-1800SAH
KM-1800SAH3 KM-1800SRH
KM-1800SRH3 KM-1800SWH
KM-1800SWH3 KM-1900SAH
KM-1900SAH3 KM-1900SRH
KM-1900SRH3 KM-1900SWH
KM-1900SWH3 KM-2000SRF3
KM-2000SRH3 KM-2000SWF3
KM-2000SWH3 KM-2100SRH3
KM-2100SWH3 KM-2400SRB3
KM-2400SRF3 KM-2400SRH3
KM-2500SRH3 KM-2500SWH3
KM-1300SAH3 KM-1300SRF
KM-1300SRF3 KM-1601SRH
KM-1601SRH3 KM-1900SAH
KM-2100SRH KM-2100SWH
Warranty 90 day manufacturer warranty
hoshizaki 214243-01

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Hoshizaki Cube Guide

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