Glastender 06001401


Price: $77.95

No Sales Tax (except KY)

OEM Numbers

06001401, GT-033103, GT033103


Equipment models this part works with.
NOTE: Some models may not be listed.
BB36 BB36-D
BB48 BB60-H
BB72 BB84-H
BB96 LP48
LP72 LP96
LPT36 ND-94
ND52 ND72
PT108 PT48
PT60 PT72
PT84 PT96
Weight 9.30 lbs.
glastender 06001401

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18-7/8" X 24", GRAY EPOXY
GLASTENDER BB108-H, BB24, BB36, BB36-D, BB48, BB60-H, BB72,
BB84-H, BB96, LP48, LP72, LP96, LPT36, ND-94, ND52, ND72,
PT108, PT48, PT60, PT72, PT84, PT96

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