Follett PD502523

Ice transport tube (RIDE units) – 20 ft (6.1m)

Price: $180.26

No Sales Tax (except KY)

OEM Numbers

PD502523, 502523


Equipment models this part works with.
NOTE: Some models may not be listed.
110CR400A/W 110CR400A/W-L
25CR400A/W 25HR400A/W
50CR400A/W 50HR400A/W
C/E110CR400A/W C/E110CT400A/W
C/E110FB400A/W C/E25CR400A/W
C/E25CT400A/W C/E25FB400A/W
C/E25HR400A/W C/E25HT400A/W
C/E50CR400A/W C/E50CT400A/W
C/E50FB400A/W C/E50HR400A/W
C/E50HT400A/W C110R5A/W
C110T5A/W C25R5A/W
C25T5A/W C50R5A/W
C50T5A/W CVU155N
CVU300 EU155N
F1105A/W F255A/W
F505A/W H25R5A/W
H25T5A/W H50R5A/W
H50T5A/W HCC1000A
HCC1000W HCC1400A
HCC1400W HCD1000N
HCD1000R HCD1400N
HCD1400R HCE1000A
HCE1000W HCE1400A
HCE1400W MC825
U155 U155B
U155BR400A/W U155BR800A/W
U155BX U155BXR400A/W
U155BXR800A/W U155N
U155NR400A/W U155NR800A/W
U155R400A/W U155R800A/W
U155X U155XR400A/W
U155XR800A/W U300
U300B U300BR400A/W
U300BR800A/W U300R400A/W
U300R800A/W VU155B
VU155K VU155M
VU155N VU30020MD
VU300B VU300B8LL
VU300K VU300LH
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Ice transport tube (RIDE units) – 20 ft (6.1m) for 110 Series Ice and Water Dispensers

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