Follett Ice and Water Dispenser Parts

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Our wide variety of Follett parts for our ice and water dispensers are the most competitively priced OEM parts available. Browse our selection below today!

Follett 00957902
Reservoir and Float Complete Assy

Follett PD502756
Cover, top front, 110 countertop (CT)

Follett PD502703
Cover, top front, 110 countertop unit with RIDE ice machine (CR) & freestanding (FB)

Follett PD502704
Cover, lower section, 110 freestanding (FB) units

Follett PD502779
Drain pan and base assembly (includes 502705 and 502706)

Follett PB502088
Leg kit, for freestanding units – set of 4

Follett PB502298
Single leg, for freestanding units


Follett PD502711
Drain tube assembly

Follett PD502225
Assembly, water inlet, freestanding units (includes valve, tee and strainer)

Follett PD502777
Cord & plug, female, bin signal, RIDE ice machine

Follett PD502816
Cord & plug, female, bin signal, top mount ice machine

Follett PD502817
Cord & plug, female, bin signal, freestanding

Follett PD502786
Cord & plug, female, ice machine power, freestanding

Follett PD502243
Solenoid valve, water, 120 V, 60Hz

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