Follett Ice and Water Dispenser Parts

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Follett PD502694
Cover, lower section, stainless, 25/50 FB
Follett PD502678
Cover, top front, 50 CR, HR & FB
Follett PD502677
Cover, top front, 25 CR, HR & FB
Follett PD502680
Cover, top front, 50 CT & HT units
Follett PD502679
Cover, top front, 25 CT & HT units
Follett PD502818
Cover, front (serial numbers below D61292)
Follett PD502756
Cover, top front, 110 countertop (CT)
Follett PD502703
Cover, top front, 110 countertop unit with RIDE ice machine (CR) & freestanding (FB)
Follett PD502704
Cover, lower section, 110 freestanding (FB) units
Follett PD502708
Cover, hopper

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