Delfield 2162667

Fan Motor - Evaporator

Price: $115.00

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Equipment models this part works with.
NOTE: Some models may not be listed.
4427N 4427N-6
4427N-9M 4432N
4432N-12M 4448N
4448N-12 4448N-18M
4448N-8 4460N
4460N-12 4460N-8
4462N-18M 4464N
4464N-12 4464N-12M
4464N-16 4464N-24M
4464N-30M 4464N-8
4472N 4472N-12
4472N-18M 4472N-24M
537-CR 537-CRR
549-CR 549-CRR
549-OR 561-CR
561-CRR 573-CR
573-CRR 9036
9048 9060
9072 D4427N
D4427N-9M D4432N
D4432N-12M D4448N
D4448N-18M D4448N-8
D4460N D4460N-12
D4460N-12M D4460N-18M
D4460N-24M D4460N-8
D4462N-18M D4464N
D4464N-12 D4464N-12M
D4464N-16 D4464N-24M
D4464N-8 D4472-24M
D4472-30M D4472N
D4472N-12 D4472N-18
D4472N-18M D4532N
ST4432N ST4448N
ST4460N ST4464N
ST4472 ST4472N
STD4427N STD4432N
STD4448N STD4460N
STD4464N STD4472
STD4472N STD4532N
UC4048 UC4148
UC4427N UC4432N
UC4448N UC4460N
UC4464N UC4472
UC4472N UCD4427N
UCD4432N UCD4448N
UCD4460N UCD4464N
UCD4472 UCD4472N
Weight 4.32 Pounds
delfield 2162667

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115v Fan Motor, 1450 RPM, CW, Shaft 1/4"-20 x 1/4" 5" Wire Leads with 1/4" Male Tab Terminals

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