CUNO, a 3M Company, designs, manufactures and markets filtration products for fluids and glasses. With their technology, sediment is removed and taste is improved so all that's left is refreshing water to be used in ice makers, expresso machines and other appliances. The company's quality commitment is what makes CUNO a trusted leader of water purification for the beverage, food and healthcare industry.

Purifying water through sanitary and effective equipment, CUNO reduces buildup, chlorine and other unpleasant tastes, so you're left with better-tasting water or ice. CUNO's water filter systems and accessories are built in full compliance with FDA regulations giving you a peace of mind about safety. Their range of filter systems and cartridges will let a business or organization have fresh, clean water for cooking, drinks, and more.

3M Filter Systems:

CUNO's 3M filter systems remove bacteria, odors, and other unpleasant items from water, making fluids suitable for use. With machines featuring a durable 3M filter system, steamers, espresso machines, and ice makers deliver the pure water you expect. The practical build of each system uses a built-in scale inhibitor, plus you enjoy trouble-free cartridge change out with valve-in-head designs features. Easy to use, and built for premium water ice or water, CUNO makes sanitation an effortless process.

3M Filter Cartridges:

3M Filter cartridges from CUNO make sure your water is proper for consumption by filtering out sediment and reducing chlorine corrosion with effective removal. Perfect for use in a healthcare or foodservice environment, the filter cartridges are easy to replace, and offer a painless solution for clean water for ice, hot drinks, cold beverages and more.

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