Cres Cor Parts

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From cook and hold ovens to warmers, our wide selection of Cres Core parts are available for any application. Browse our selection below today!


Cres Core 0769-165
Vent Fan - 115V

Cres Core 0769-174
Vent Fan - 240V

Cres Core 0769-180-K
Blower Assembly

Cres Core 0769-182-K
Blower Assembly

Cres Core 0808-113-01-K
Power Switch - Lighted

Cres Core 0808-113-K
Rocker Switch Kit

Cres Core 0808-113-K1
Power Switch Kit

Cres Core 0808-118
Rocker Switch

Cres Core 0810-065-14-K
Power Supply Cord

Cres Core 0810-093
Power Supply Cord

Cres Core 0810-149-01-K
Power Supply Cord

Cres Core 0811-005-K
Warmer Element

Cres Core 0811-019-K
Warmer Element

Cres Core 0811-022-K
Warmer Element

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