CMA Dishmachines

CMA Dishmachines

CMA Dishmachines:

CMA Dishmachines' history begins in the 1970's, when the company started its innovation in full-service “Low Energy" glass and warewashing equipment. This beginning has led to a full line of high-end commercial dishwashing equipment for commercial kitchens, designed for your convenience and ensuring your customers' safety. Wash all of your cookware, dishes, utensils, and glasses with ease with the high power CMA Machines provides.

No matter the size or quantity need of your business, CMA Dishmachines offer high power at low energy, sanitizing dishes and glassware in a chemical solution. High temperature and low temperature models are both available in a full range of sizes, capable of holding 20 to 1,000 glasses. There's no need to second-guess sanitation with CMA Dishmachines.

Undercounter Dishwashers:

CMA Dishmachines makes undercounter dishwashers that clean without obstruction, fitting neatly in any kitchen space. The energy efficient models use less than 2 gallons of water per cycle, cleaning up to 1,0000 glasses an hour, while via built-in chemical pumps and deliming make sure each item is properly cleaned.


Glasswasher from CMA Dishmachines use hot water and a chemical solution to get glasses and sparkling clean every time you use them. The commercial models offer separate detergent and chemical pumps, and you get the temperature you need with quick heating built-in electric tank heaters.

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