Sugar Is As Addictive As Cocaine!


It’s amazing to see how the lives of American’s have changed over the years. Sugar has really made a dramatic impact in the lives of so many and yet it is still increasing to this day. I believe water has been slowly down played and unfortunately in many places, it is cheaper to buy soda rather then a bottle of water! How ridiculous is that? How do we expect our children, our future, to grow up healthy and live long and happy lives if all they see is sugary drinks? My own personal experience, with energy drinks and sodas for example, was after drinking a couple a day for about a year, I ended up developing heart issues. I slowly developed a heart murmur and a few¬†other issues as well. After a few months of weening myself off of energy drinks and sodas, I found that my chest pains went away, I could breathe easier, run further, and even sleep much better.

Now, I’m not a doctor but I can say for sure that I noticed a difference once I got myself off those drinks. If you suffer from any of those issues I mentioned, you may want to look into doing what I did and ween yourself off over a few months. Maybe even just lower your intake to 1 soda a day or 1 every 2 days. Another great suggestion would be if you do ween yourself to a low amount, is to drink water between sodas. Lots of water.

Anyways, check out this infographic I found at made for It is hard to not be amazed at the statistics shown. Enjoy!


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