Spring Cleaning! How to Clean and Maintain Stainless Steel Units

by Angie
As we all know, stainless steel gets dirty very fast and even with certain glass cleaners the dirt does not dissolve completely.  The reason why your average glass cleaner does not remove all the dirt is because it does not take away all of the grease build up.  In order for the units to look their best you must use a great grease killer.

Water, grease fighting dish soap and glass cleaner:  These two products together will help fight dirt and hand prints that are left on your stainless steel units.   First,  use warm water and apply your grease fighting soap to the unit.  Then wipe down the unit with your glass cleaner and dry to perfection.  This should leave your stainless steel looking fresh and clean.

However, there is a one step process that will take less time and effort!  I would recommend trying the WD40 to see if you like using it.  Although, if you have small children and are using it in your home, I would take the time and use the two step process.

WD40: If there is no build up of food on your units, this product will help fight the two step process and break it down to one.  All you have to do is apply it with a rag/paper towel.  Although, this product does wonders, you must be careful of safety and health because this product should not be ingested, so only use a small amount.  It would be okay to use on fridges, freezers. ice machines, stoves and sinks.  Make sure you clean your product enough so there is not any residue as well.

Whichever process you may prefer, whether it is the one step process or the two step process, both processes work wonders and leave your units looking spic-and-span.

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