Easter Supper Drink Classics

Classic Dry Martini

1 Martini

(Note: You can also switch up vodkas and use a favored vodka to spice up your drink) 

– 1 and 1/2 Vodka of choice

– 3/4 Vermouth

-3 Olives


– Pour ingredients into shaker with ice

-Shake it not stir

-Strain into iced Classic Martini glass

-Put olives on tooth pick and place into cocktail



Whiskey Lemon Sour

1 Whiskey Lemon Sour

-1 Lemon wedge/1 slice of Lemon

-Finely chopped sugar

-1/4 cup Whiskey/or Bourbon

-3 tbsp of Lemon juice

-1 tsp sugar

-ice cubes


Place mixes into drink and stir.

Put sugar on rim and place lemon on edge of glass for a garnish or into the drink for more flavor.


After Dinner Root beer Float Drink – Goes well with dessert!

Root Beer Floats/Easter Bunny Hop Drink

– 7 Ounces bourbon cream

-1 Cup Vanilla ice cream

-3-4 bottles/cans of root beer (preferably Barks or A&W)

Serves up to 5 glasses (Depending on size of glass)


Serve with cold glasses by placing them in the freezer for about 20 minutes.

Mix ingredients together and put them into the glasses and then pour root beer ontop.

Serve as soon as possible with an optional straw or long spoon.


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