Easter Peep Drink Ideas!

peep pink

Easter is right around the corner and if you are going to be celebrating the holiday, I recommend you try out these cute cocktail recipes that are delicious;

The cutest way to spice up your Easter drinks are to add “peeps” to the garnishes of your drinks.

Here are some photos from Pinterest/Drink Recipes that will allow you to add creativity to your Easter Drinks!

Peep Drink Ideas

easter peeps home made

Homemade Peeps

Peep Straws

Peep Straws

Peep Martini

Peep Martini

Peep Vodka

Peep Vodka

peep drinks

Peep Straw

peep pink

Side Peep Garnish

peep milkshake

Peep Milkshake

peep cocktails1

Peep Mixed Drinks

check out my Pinterest account for all sorts of cool Easter Ideas; http://www.pinterest.com/consolidatedfs/easter-is-right-around-the-corner/

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