Catch Your Fish In Spring!

by Angie
Spring is important to Foodservice and spring break is the perfect time to go out and catch fish!  When the weather is still cold, there is more of a chance you will be able to catch plumper and a higher quantity of fish.  Fish rely on colder temperatures in the water because warmer weather puts stress upon them and also provides them with less oxygen to find food.  So, if you do your fishing in the spring you can stock up on fish that may be able to last you throughout your summer!Fish can be prepared as a fried dish on a Admiralcraft fryer, baked in a convection oven, or quickly made on a induction range depending on the taste of fish that you would like to prepare.  If you use the Adcraft fryer, convection oven and induction range they will add that fried taste to the dish that will bring a southern taste to your food just in time for warmer weather.

 Fryer        Induction         Convection
Spring and daylight savings is approaching and the climate is starting to change.  The weather is going to start getting warmer and the days are becoming longer.  With warmer weather and more daylight, people are more likely to venture outside of their homes.  Since Restaurants are going to start attracting more people in the food industry, you may prefer to stay at home and cook your own meal.  Cooking your own fish that you caught is a great savings idea.You will also be able to fight off warmer weather crowds and create your own restaurant like quality food at the convenience of your own kitchen.  The fish you caught in the spring will cost you less than buying it directly at the super market and with these three great pieces of equipment it can be fast and easy to prepare!  Enjoy!

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