Bakers Pride

Bakers Pride


Baker's Pride was founded in the 1940's, and has firmly cemented its place in the restaurant industry as one of the most revered brands. The invention of the modern pizza oven by Baker's Pride brought about innovation in the commercial equipment business, and paved the way for the rest of the company's quality cooking equipment. Power up your kitchen with a Baker's Pride product today. As a leading manufacturer in commercial cooking equipment, Baker's Pride offers a full line of appliances for use in any kitchen. Their inventory of gas-powered options let you cook, heat and prepare delicious food for your customers every day. Some of their most beloved products are their convection ovens, fryers, restaurant ranges, and other options that are essential to any kitchen to keep up with customer demand.


Baker's Pride restaurant ranges are an all-in-one option that streamline the cooking process in your commercial kitchen. By combining all of the features needed to multitask on dishes with an oven and stove, you can prepare all of the foods you need, whether it's by sauteing, baking, roasting and more.


Commercial convection ovens by Baker's Pride let you cook your food quicker than traditional ovens by circulating hot air around the food at consistent temperature. You can cut your cooking time without compromising on the food's quality for your customers.


Baker's Pride gas fryers cook a variety of foods via gas heat, letting you control the quality and temperature easily. All of their commercial gas fryers feature a fast recovery, so you can heat up your French fries, doughnuts, and other fried foods efficiently to meet demand.


The fast-heating burners and quick recovery of Baker's Pride commercial gas griddles help cook food evenly and quickly in minutes, and are a must for any breakfast place. The commercial kitchen appliances sit on your countertop to fit in any restaurant kitchen and are built for easy cleanup.

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