Alto-Shaam HD-24171


Price: $102.00

No Sales Tax (except KY)


Equipment models this part works with.
NOTE: Some models may not be listed.
1000-S/HD 1000-S/HD/PT
1000-S/STD 1000-S/STD/PT
1000-UP/HD 1000-UP/P
1000-UP/STD 1000-UPS/HD
1000-UPS/STD 1200-S
1200-SR 1200-UP
1200-UP/SR 1200-UPS
1200-UPS/SR 500-S-HD
500-S/HD 500-S/HD MARINE
500-S/HD/PT 500-S/STD
500-S/STD/PT 750-CTUS
750-S/HD 750-S/HD/PT
750-S/STD 750-S/STD/PT
Weight 4.10 Pounds
alto-shaam hd-24171

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Magnetic Door Latch w/ offset Handle

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